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Crown of Quality

History of Romero's

In 1968 Leon and Raul Romero, two entrepreneurial immigrants from a small village of Zacatecas, in Central Mexico, founded a family business in the rapidly expanding areas of Los Angeles and the Inland Empire of California.  After spending years learning the intricacies of the tortilla business from other manufacturers, as “route salesman’ and direct store delivery drivers, the brothers Romeros open their own factory.

As often is the trademark of many entrepreneurial beginnings in America, Romero’s Food Products, Inc. success is the result of hard work, dedication to superior quality, competitive prices, outstanding service; couple these characteristics with family pride and you have the formula for the “Crown of Quality.”  This combination has been a formula for growth and success resulting in customer loyalty for 50-years.  

Romero’s has grown both domestically and internationally. Domestic growth has come from adding numerous major retail and food service clients and a plethora of independents. Internationally, Romero’s has expanded distribution of premium quality Mexican food product lines to North America, Asia and Europe.