Romero's Products

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the date printed on the package mean?

This date is the last day we guarantee our products to meet our high standards for taste quality and freshness.

What does this information printed on the package mean: BEST BEFORE: Feb 2010 013 18:08?

It is the code date we use to identify the plant that produced the product, the expiration date of the product, discreet production line and the production date and time. This information helps us for traceability purposes.

How long can tortillas be kept after purchasing?

It depends on the handling conditions of the product. If you do not plan to consume the entire package after opening it, wash your hands, remove the tortillas you will need, then tightly seal the package. The product should be good until the expiration date printed on the package.

Romero’s offers a wide variety of tortillas for retail, foodservice & export. Shelf life is always a function of specific formulation or customer requirements. A general rule to follow is:

Refrigerating tortillas after purchase will extend shelf life Ambient temperature: See best before date on specific package. Refrigerated: If you purchase tortillas from a refrigerated section - maintain storage in refrigeration. Frozen: Tortillas that are purchased or stored in a frozen atmosphere must be defrosted by thawing in refrigerator one or two days before being used. WARNING: Do not microwave to thaw.

Where can I find nutritional information?

Romero’s Food Products clearly displays all nutritional information on each retail package in the “Nutrition Fact Panel”.

Does Romero’s tortillas contain trans fat?

No - Neither corn or flour tortillas.

Does Romero’s tortillas contain cholesterol?

No - Neither corn or flour tortillas.

Are Romero’s tortillas gluten free?

Corn Tortillas-Yes
Flour Tortillas- No - The FDA has been working on issuing a final ruling on the issue of “gluten free products”.

Are Romero’s products Kosher?

All Romero’s tortillas are Kosher certified by Kosher Supervision of America (KSA). Look for the Kosher symbol in our packaging. The following products are NOT Kosher: Romero’s chips, pork rinds, taco shells, tostada shells, sopes and bread products.

Is Romero’s plastic bag recyclable?

Yes, they are recyclable #4.

How do I prepare tortillas?

Stove Top: To heat and soften for table use or recipes, place directly on a medium to hot ungreased skillet, turning frequently until soft and piping hot.

Microwave: To heat in microwave, place a stack of 5 Romero's corn tortillas between 2 slightly dampened microwave paper towels. Microwave on high for 45 seconds or until warm. Keep wrapped until ready-to-serve.

Caution: Microwaving Romero’s tortillas in bag may cause the package ink to stain any surface that bag contacts while hot.

What are some characteristics & serving suggestions for corn tortillas?

Romero’s corn tortillas are soft, flexible and delicious. Freshly baked and rushed to your store so you can enjoy the hearty goodness and flavor with all your favorite meals. They’re perfect for traditional Mexican favorites like soft tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas and chilaquiles. Also, serve Romero’s corn tortillas instead of bread at meals. Use them to roll up a hot dog. Fry them in vegetable oil to make taco shells, tostada shells or tortilla chips, and add your favorite spread or sandwich meats. For a quick snack try them with a little bit of butter and salt, or just plain!

What are the sizes available in corn tortillas?

4.5", 5", 5.5", 6", 6.5". The typical corn tortilla size available in all markets is 5.5” to 6" in diameter.

What is the difference between a burrito, soft taco, and fajita size flour tortilla?

The difference is in the diameter. A burrito is approximately 10", a soft taco is about 8", and the fajita is 6". Gordita's on the other hand are typically 8" and are significantly thicker than soft taco tortillas. Large and extra large flour tortillas generally are 10" & 12" respectively. Their primary use is in the QSR & food service industries for wraps, and large burritos.

Frozen and refrigerated tortilla handling recommendations:

Tortillas are a very important component to nearly every Mexican food entree. Good planning and proper handling are necessary to insure a smooth operation, consistent quality, and size. If your tortilla prep procedures are not producing good results, the following suggestions may be helpful:

1. When you receive frozen or refrigerated tortillas keep in mind that they are NOT ready to be used.

    2. FROZEN TORTILLAS must be thawed slowly for a period of at least 24 hours.
  • A. When thawed in the walk-in, allow at least 48 hours in the shipping case.
  • B. When necessary to thaw more quickly, thaw in the case at room temperature.
  • C. Thawing time can vary depending on the temperature of the product when delivered and the walk-in temperature. Do not remove from the shipping case until completely thawed.
  • D. Tortillas should be used within 48 hours after reaching room temperature.
    • 3. REFRIGERATED OR COLD TORTILLAS must be allowed to warm to room temperature.
  • A. Do not remove tortillas from packages.
  • B. Allow the cold tortillas to warm 2 to 4 hours at room temperature or overnight.
  • C. Do not place ice-cold tortillas in the steam cabinet or warming oven.
  • D. Tortillas should be used within 48 hours after reaching room temperature.
  • 4. To accelerate warming, puncture package. Place package of tortillas in microwave for one or two minutes. Time will vary depending on temperature of tortillas and microwave frequency.

      5. Tortillas, when packaged, cased, and stacked, may become pressed together.
  • A. When flour tortillas are completely thawed and before placing in the steamer, warmer or grill, bend the package in all directions several times.
  • B. To guarantee that flour tortillas will not stick together, separate them one at a time before placing in steamer or warmer.
  • PLAN AHEAD for handling is a very important component in your entrees.