Food Service

Food Service "Crown of Quality" Products

Romero’s Corn and Flour Tortillas; as well as; Tortilla Chips, Taco Shells, Tostada Shells and Tostada Bowls have been for years a staple item from some of the largest to smallest restaurants in California, Arizona and Nevada.  Through Food Service Wholesalers such as; SYSCO, US Foodservice, Jordanos’, Malone Foods to name a few; small, medium and large restaurants, commissaries, institutions, prisons, lunch trucks, cruise lines and SQF locations have served Romero’s products to countless satisfied customers.

As with Romero’s line of retail products, Romero’s line of foodservice items include premium quality, delicious offerings and options.  From Premium quality tortillas, flavored wraps, health conscious selections, Clean Formula, low carb, cholesterol free, whole wheat, and Ultra-Grain tortillas.  Flour tortillas range in diameter size from 6” – 14”; corn from 4” to the new SUPER-King 7”. 


For years Romero’s has been a “prime’ supplier to many schools and school districts throughout California and Arizona.  Romero’s carries a complete line of Whole Grain tortillas, chips and shells, all have “grain ounce equivalents” making them a healthy and preferred choice for schools.  All tortillas chosen for schools meet strict nutrional and quality requirements per specifications and menu criteria.  Romero’s tortillas are a “must” on every school menu or as an ingredient for tacos, tostadas, burritos, taquitos, chips or enchiladas and more. 

Either via Direct Delivery, National Distributors or local channels of distribution, Romeros’ s unending commitment to deliver the finest quality tortillas to our students is personified in its success.

Wholesaler Distributors carrying Romero’s school approved items are: SYSCO, US Foodservice, Jordano’s, Gold Star, to name a few.