Plant Information

Romero’s has in place the latest-state-of-the-art Corn and Flour tortilla lines.  Following the baking process all tortillas pass through a refrigeration room as a means of reducing temperature prior to packaging. All product passes through an independent metal detectors.  The plant is equipped with a “monitored particulate air flow” system.  Through the plant there are a series of sky-lights, supplemented by high intensity lighting, to insure proper visibility and safety.

Continuous monitoring by Romero’s quality control personnel, assures adherence to specifications, in plant sanitation and good manufacturing practices.  Epoxy flooring, wash down walls, floor drains throughout the production area provides confidence in being a “Best in Class facility.

 Aside from Romero’s own quality control staff, Romero’s has passed numerous Customer and Governmental audits.


Aside from producing Romero’s brand tortillas for retail, foodservice, schools and export, producing tortillas under a myriad number of labels is a mainstay of our production capability.  Over the years, Romero’s has developed and produced tortillas bearing the name or names of several retailers, distributor’s, wholesalers or foreign entities.  When producing tortillas that do not bear the name Romero’s comes with it added responsibility and confidence shown by the co-packed name. 

In addition, there are many instances whereby Romero’s has been called upon to create either custom packaging, specific package counts, NON-GMO Corn, specific flavors, warm product delivered throughout the day to producers of taquitos, burritos or tacos whose requirement dictates the ability to roll or form tortillas into specific shapes following a filing process.