Crown of Quality

Romero’s Food Products

Today Romero’s Food Products is one of the foremost producers of fresh premium quality tortillas and wraps. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and modern equipment, Romero’s produces more than fifty varieties of tortillas and wraps. In addition to tortillas produced, Romero’s vast distribution network provides snack and baked goods carrying the proud Romero’s label throughput the Western region of the United States.

Romero’s is focused on servicing the same premium quality great tasting tortillas into various venues i.e. Retail, Food-service, Schools, Export with no exception, no deviation, no compromises. Over the past several years, exporting beyond the borders of the United States has taken on a new focus and prominence.

Romero’s food Products is committed to product excellence and creative entrepreneurial spirit. It is the “goal” of Romero’s to continuously strive to be “first in class” bringing only the highest quality tortillas to the marketplace and to the ultimate consumers. Our modern technology, quality control, meticulous sanitation standards, coupled with continuous research and development has earned Romero’s Food Products the distinguished “Crown of Quality”